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Our team has amassed a vast experience over the past decade in all areas of architecture

Urban Planning

Urban requalification and renovation, creation of new neighbourhoods and residential areas, tertiary activity, industrial and recreational parks, public spaces...

Respect, relevance and ambition are the foundations on which EKC builds its urban planning response. To be efficient, a project needs a methodology capable of acutely investigating on the place's history, flows, uses, legends and identity.

The proposal must also take on board all the economic, technical and sociological parameters in order to bring a comprehensive answer, a refined solution that is able to implement the city over the city. Finally, it is a goal, a projection over time of the future uses by the public, for an evolving program which has no set dates and must be questioned on a regular basis.

The urban reorientation recommended by EKC are all the expression of one single and simple ambition: making places livelier and richer by enabling everyone to express with pride where s/he is coming from and heading to.

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Collective or social housing programs, projects combining housing, stores and offices, students' residence...

EKC creates places that create connections.If we were to single out one field of intervention which has deeply changed over the last two decades, we would mention the housing sector, as regards both building and re-qualification.

Energy performance, urban renovation, respects for the sites' culture, construction costs, bringing up to standards…All these aspects have questioned the architecture sector that had to integrate creativity, cleverness and innovation into each proposal.

EKC has met that challenge. Search for aesthetic qualities, choice of materials, search for long-lasting solutions, comfortable living spaces.

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Community / Health

Hospitals, center for frail elderly people, clinics, laboratories, retirement homes, nurseries, school facilities, congress and convention centers, sports amenities... Designing a healthcare center, a school facility or any other amenity that welcomes people requires rigor, creativity and rationality. Regulation imposes, architecture proposes. This double equation is the keystone of our approach.

EKC designs places by taking into account the two categories of people that will use them: the staff, who must find a functional, pleasant and ergonomic working place; and the general public, who must be able, during their long or short stay, to find human-scale and warm living conditions that favor encounters.

EKC is convinced that architecture has to adapt to the context, once this latter has been analyzed, understood and has become inspiring. A successful public facility is first and foremost an architectural project rooted in generosity.

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Offices, headquarters, buildings for tertiary or industrial activities, logistics platforms... EKC stimulates businesses.Designing an office building or industrial premises requires connecting the companies and staff that will use them to the new millennium. This action is, first of all, a symbol.

EKC draws its architectural solutions from that ambition: contemporary design supported by the company's and the territory's markers, making use of the latest energy performance techniques to create thrifty places, and ergonomics of spaces to maximize interactions.Companies are living organisms. Their ecosystem evolves over time. EKC takes this challenge into account upstream from its creative reflection in order to propose spaces that are modular, upgradable, optimized and at a human scale.

Our recipe: building on the users' needs and expectations to propose truly collaborative and stimulating living spaces, in which the staff is just happy to come and work.

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Interior Design

Offices, receptions, restaurants, stores and shops, trades, housing, hotels...

EKC turns your place into an experience. Whereas architecture attempts to express the identity of a given place in the city, interior design aims at inducing emotions and creating an experience for those benefiting from it.

Stores, restaurants, companies, housing buildings, public reception areas... the projects submitted to EKC are varied and have complex challenges: usage identification, flow analysis, space management, reception area setting and embellishment, light scenography, material and color selection, or signage.

At each stage, EKC's designers take the time to decipher and investigate in order to propose a concept that reflects the place's primary activity and respects its history and its destiny.

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Commercial / Leisure

Shopping centers, retail parks, leisure centers, multi-purpose projects (leisure/offices/housing), hotels, cinemas, theaters, car parks...

EKC turns your project into a destination.Designing a shopping and leisure center requires first and foremost a clear understanding of the history, sociology and dynamics of the place where it will be located. It also means putting it into perspective with the site's future users. Indeed, shopping and leisure centers are more and more combined with housing and office programs.

EKC works as upstream as possible from the project by positioning it not as a mere shopping center, but rather as an authentic urban attractiveness hub, a destination per-se. This fertile choice contributes to the integration of the ever faster evolution of the ways of life.

Lastly, it favors the emergence of new architectural ideas that benefit to the comfort and well-being of the end user, i.e. the client/customer.

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