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a brief take on our history
EKC partners benefit from a long, proven track record in architecture, engineering, master planning and interior design.


Our design process prioritizes the needs of our client, while integrating the social and environmental impact of our work. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, our approach upholds sensitivity to location and culture, so that the end results are socially and aesthetically progressive.

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Urban Planning

Respect, relevance and ambition are the foundations on which EKC builds its urban planning response. To be efficient, a project needs a methodology capable of acutely investigating on the place's history, flows, uses, legends and identity.

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Interior Design

Offices, receptions, restaurants, stores and shops, trades, housing, hotels... EKC turns your place into an experience. Whereas architecture attempts to express the identity of a given place in the city, interior design aims at inducing emotions and creating an experience for those benefiting from it.

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About Us

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EKC is first and foremost a temper: a character that expresses itself through its staff's creativity and situational intelligence.

Building on a decade of architectural stories, the agency remains convinced that a successful project is a project that has been collectively designed.


The first specificity of the agency is to offer its clients projects that are stimulating in terms of architectural design and demanding in terms of costs and delivery times.

This equation between possibilities and constraints is a creative challenge.
Each project is also placed in context, by always picturing how it stimulates the city and how it stimulates life.


Multi-expert, EKC regroups architects, urban planners, engineers and interior designers.

EKC covers all topics related to housing and contemporary cities: urban planning, housing, tertiary sector, industry, health, education, trade, leisure, design...

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