Shobily Grand Mall

Riadh, K.S.A
Total built area
45,000 sqm
The concept aims to form a unity between the towers and the grand mall to form a center of attraction: The Grand Mall and a background of towers with a designed connection, creating by this a full activity zone between these 2 areas. The main concept design is to integrate the 5 stars hotel and residential towers in a way to have the Shobily Grand Mall as the center of attraction. Surrounded by the towers acting as a background screen with a modern style, the grand mall is highlighted in a better way.The layout and the distribution of buildings in 4 steps develop the main idea:

Step 1: the 5 stars hotel is located in the grand mall main axe line. The residential towers on both sides.
Step 2: all buildings benefit from central and panoramic view of the lagoon and the grand mall.
Step 3: the hotel composed of the 2 towers is located on both sides of the road and of mall axis.
Step 4: pedestrian walkways, restaurants, retail and commercial areas have been shaped between the towers and the lagoon in away to create a relation between the towers and the grand mall.
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