Samba Bank HQ Tower

The 38-storey tower consists of two individual triangular masses connected by an atrium space. The taller tower is 160m tall, and the shorter tower tops off at 140m. Each individual tower contains a triangular shaped core to house elevators, stairs, and services.The tower is located in the centerpiece of Riyadh’s new King Abdullah Financial District, at the heart of the Financial Plaza. The project includes 3 basement floors and 5 levels of a separate podium.

The podium levels will house the banking operations, retail, canteen, offices, gym, and VIP reception area. As for the tower, it will include administrative offices for executives, offices for technical employees, and administration offices.The design of the bank is highly flexible which validates any plans for future expansions. Working with a basic cast in-construction methodology appropriate to the Riyadh market,different forms of structural concrete systems have evolved on the four faces of the building to respond to the unique solar, thermal, and view conditions.
Administration, Office Tower
Riadh, K.S.A
Total built area
92,000 sqm
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