Bime Residential Complex

Master Planning
Brazaville, Congo
Total area
400,000 sqm
This project is located on a site with complex topographic restrictions. Therefore, it was very important to build the design approach based on these constraints in order to achieve a successful site integration.

The project’s conception is based on the adaptation of the terrain’s levels’ curves dividing the project by primary and secondary routes to ensure access to all areas of the site. The final composition integrates the level lines well,reflecting the site’s natural topography and facilitating the design’s conception.

The chosen site module for the villas is an approximate area of 650 sqm as it is capable of handling any type of building depending on the client’s choice.

The circular space, a public space, ensures the fulfillment of the residents’ daily lives. It is easily accessible from all areas of the site; a main road traverses the entire project, during which secondary routes diverge from within it. A green zone is conceived to balance out the total built areas.
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