B&B Italia Commerce

Commercial Stadium
Riadh, K.S.A
Total built area
6,000 sqm
B&B CASA consists of a single 600 square meter area with a well-balanced fusion of fashion, and design expressed through unique style.  With its urban ambiance,contemporary spirit and relaxed elegance, B&B ITALIA CASA perfectly represents the B&B Group philosophy in which effortless elegance is its maximum expression.

This proposal presents a basic concrete cube in combination with a steel panoramic elements.

• Focus on intellectual and educated customers, who are usually trust worthy by their community, to pass their experience to them.
• Attract media and celebrities.
• Focus on customer satisfaction.
• Use the coffee space as a window of advertisement to B&B ITALIA casa.
• Engage in social media and keep customers aware of new arrivals and well informed of daily events.
• Brochures and advertisement targeting tourists.
• Distribute promotions with special B&B ITALIA gifts to enter every household.
• Create a steady flow of customers throughout the whole day. Lebanon has a moderate climate for eight months out of the year.
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