Atrium Center

Commercial center
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Total built area
18,700 sqm
The Atrium Center project in central of Abidjan is a 17,800 sqm offices, retail and residential complex that will become an integral part of the living city, inspired by the grand scale of Abidjan.

Its Architecture is a composition of two continuous, flowing volumes that are set apart, fused or linked by stretched bridges. These volumes adapt to each other in all directions, generating a panoramic architecture without corners or abrupt transitions that break the fluidity of its formal composition.The design responds to the varied contextual relationships and dynamic conditions of Abidjan.

We have created a variety of public spaces that directly engage with the city; reinterpreting the traditional urban fabric and contemporary living patterns into a seamless urban landscape inspired by nature. The natural rhythms and flows of the city, of the environment and of the people have been integrated within the design to define its formal composition.
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