Master Plan
Total built area
200,000 sqm
With its mixture of education, innovation and entertainment,the plan reflects the wonderful qualities of Dubai and the form and spirit of a residential complex. The design features a large separate district symbolizing opportunity, sustainability and mobility, with “innovation pods” and “best practice areas” in this zone.

This zone is inspired by the layout of a traditional Arabic “souk,” or marketplace, the design places larger pavilions to the perimeter while clustering smaller exhibit spaces toward the center of the site. This creates a smooth pedestrian flow while encouraging interaction among visitors.A mixed-use development on the Arabian gulf in which local and Arabic inspiration were drawn upon in the planning of the urban spaces with interlocking networks of streets and canals. 

An iconic master plan that evolved from leading the collaborative effort with economic analysts, forecasters, environmentalists,architects and engineers. The result being the creation of the most optimal zoning and use for this waterfront mixed-use development.
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